What is PeerBoost?

What is PeerBoost?

Get Instagram Followers, Comments and Likes

PeerBoost uses cloud-based follow bot software to automate tasks on Instagram such as Likes, Comments, Follows and Unfollows. To get more real likes, comments and followers on your Instagram posts is simple… the more posts you like and comment on, the more those users will like or comment on yours in return. Of course you can do this for yourself for free, that is if you want to spend the time pressing the Like button thousands of times or typing thousands of comments, or you can buy free Instagram followers that are not real and will not interact with your account at all. PeerBoost does it all for you and lets you focus on all of the other important work you need to do to increase the exposure of your business, or grow your personal brand.

Target Users for More Instagram Likes

PeerBoost targets users based on hashtags that you want to target or based on the followers of other people. For example, it is widely known that liking, commenting or following the followers of high profile celebrities can result in a certain percentage of them liking, commenting or following back. Using the PeerBoost Instagram bot, you can target followers of usernames to do just that. Using our powerful proprietary Commenting technology, you can say anything you want. PeerBoost uses a highly tested algorithm to randomize comments so that you are not using the same comments for all targeted users. In adition we offer a full and complete set of emoji to simplify or add to your list of comments.

Use Hashtags to Zero in on your Targeted Niche

PeerBoost also offers the ability to target hashtags within your area of interest. This lets you narrow down your audience so you can expand your content reach within your target market. Hashtag targeting allows you to get more Likes, Comments and Followers on Instagram, but also helps with your overall SEO and Social Media strategy. There are other tools that promise the world, but PeerBoost gets real results. Our followbot is offered free for a 3 day trial so you can see the results for yourself before you sign up. Once you do, you will see that our highly affordable pricing structure is well worth it, especially when some competitors charge $40-$100 per month for a lower quality and less powerful service.

Why use PeerBoost?

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    Cloud Based

    PeerBoost operates in the cloud, so you can sleep easy knowing that your Instagram account is performing activities even if you're not online.

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    Fully Automated

    Once you press "Start", PeerBoost automates all of your Instagram activities based on the instructions you enter.

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    No Download

    You don't have to download and install anything. PeerBoost works on any connected device and browser.

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    3 Free Days

    Try PeerBoost out for 3 days and you will quickly see how easy it is to gain more followers, likes and comments.

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    Easy to Use

    PeerBoost's intutive interface makes it simple to enter instructions or add multiple accounts.

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    PeerBoost knows when you're close to reaching your daily Instagram limits and will reduce speed to not exceed them.

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    Hashtag Targeting

    With PeerBoost's filters and customization options you can focus on targeting only those users who are relevant to you.

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    Mobile Ready

    PeerBoost works on all mobile browsers including those used on iOS and Android.

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    Email Support

    PeerBoost provides technical assistance in a timely manner. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

How does it work?

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    Sign in with Instagram

    Sign in with your Instagram credentials to view your Activity Dashboard. We take your privacy and security very seriously.

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    Customize your activity

    Using the Activity Dashboard, enter your settings based on the activity and type of users you wish to target.

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    Enjoy and relax

    Fee free to go about your day while PeerBoost works for you in the background.

Mobile Enabled

PeerBoost can be used on any connected device including iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices. Our responsive design provides an app-like experience without the need to download or install anything.

Our software lives in the cloud, allowing you to move from one device to another without interuption or loss to your settings.

PeeBoost will notify you of problems related to running activities, allowing you to re-start from wherever you may be. 

PeerBoost Panel


  • 3 days
    $0.66 per day
  • 10 days
    $0.50 per day
  • 30 days
    $0.33 per day