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07 Oct, 2016

How to get more Instagram Followers using PeerBoost

Used correctly, PeerBoost’s bot software can be a powerful tool to automate your tasks on Instagram such as Liking, Commenting and Following and as a result, get more Likes, Followers and Comments in return. PeerBoost is the go-to tool for those who need to increase their reach on Instagram, including major brands with millions of followers, or regular people wishing to increase their own personal brand visibility.

Using PeerBoost is simple and once it is set up it will run in the background, liking, following, commenting, or unfollowing while you go about your day, freeing up valuable time. However, using our bot software should not be your only strategy for growing your follower base, rather it should be used as another tool within your toolbox of methods. There are a number of different strategies that you must continue to use in conjunction with PeerBoost such as sticking to a niche, using well thought out hashtags, understanding composition when taking photos, responding to comments within your feed, and using timing strategies on what time to best post.

Sign up and Login

Signing up for PeerBoost is easy. Click the “Try for 3 days” button and you will be presented with a Login popup screen. Here you may create an account using your personal email address, or Sign up using Facebook or Google social login buttons. Using these, you will be prompted to enter in your login/password for whichever social account you choose. This is not authorizing PeerBoost to see or post anything from within your Facebook or Google accounts, rather this is a simple and easy way to simplify the login process for you.


Once you have entered your login details your will be sent an email confirmation containing a link which must be followed and confirmed before you will be able to use the tool.

Once you have confirmed your email address you will need to add an Instagram account. At this point, users may use as many Instagram accounts as they wish and have the ability to spread your purchased time out between these accounts.

Upon initial sign up, PeerBoost offers 3 days free using the bot. Time use is calculated only during the time you are actually running the bot, so if you decide to stop your activities for a while, you will not be charged for that time.

Add an Instagram account

Notice that once you have logged into PeerBoost you will be in the Dashboard. The Dashboard is where any Instagram accounts you have added can be found. In this area you will see a high level view of your account status, including time the bot has been running for, how many Likes, Comments, Follows or Unfollows each account has performed.

Click the Add Account button and you will be presented with a popup screen where you will need to enter your Instagram account login credentials.


Once you have added your Instagram account it will be visible within the Dashboard. Before clicking Start, you must enter your settings. Click the Settings button to enter the Settings area.

Enter your Settings

When you first enter into the Settings area it might seem a bit daunting but don’t worry, it couldn’t be simpler. Let’s look at each section to get a better understand of their purpose:

  1. Status: Start/ stop the bot, time remaining in your free or purchased time.
  2. Tasks: This area tells the bot exactly what you want to do.
  3. Purchase Time: 30 days is the most popular package, but purchasing for a year will cost you only $0.22 per day!
  4. Main Settings: Explanations for each setting can be seen if you mouse-over the question mark next to the setting name.
  5. Hashtags: If your actions are focused on targeting users via hashtags, here you can add whatever hashtags you wish AND the tool will guide you towards the most popular hashtags related to your area of interest.
  6. Users: This section is used if you are targeting followers of certain users. For example, let’s say a company within the travel industry wants to target people who follow National Geographic’s Instagram account (@natgeotravel), if they enter National Geographic’s Instagram account within this area, all comments, likes, follows, etc. will be targeted to their followers.
  7. Comments: Here you can enter whatever comments you wish to make. These will be randomly posted to accounts based on the hashtags, or user profiles you have entered. It is good to be strategic about how you place your comments. More on this below, so keep reading.
  8. Auto-stop settings: In this area you can limit the number of activities that you want the bot to perform, or limit the amount of time you want it to run for before it stops.

Important strategies for using PeerBoost to get more followers

  • Hashtags: First of all, it is important to use popular hashtags, if not you could run the risk of the bot stopping and you receiving a “Media Finished” email. This means that the bot has gone through every post that contains one of the hashtags you have entered and that there are no more to perform actions on.To avoid this, it is important to use hashtags with thousands of posts. It is also recommended that you enter a minimum of 10 hashtags so that Instagram does not see your activities as being bot-like, or too spammy.
  • Use simple comments: Do not directly try to drive users to your site using spammy comments. Users know this is coming from a bot and nobody is going to follow your link. You want to make it seem like there is a real person performing these actions and so it is important to use comments that are simple. A simple “Nice” or “Cool” is sufficient.Sometimes, just using simple emoticons can be the best comment strategy. Use a minimum of 6-10 for variety. You don’t want to be posting the same comment to every single feed, so mix it up a bit. Double up a smiley face, or combine a smiley and a thumbs up.comments
  • Like, Comment and Follow… then unfollow all: A good strategy is to keep your ratio of followers and following so that the number of people following you greatly exceeds the number of users that you follow. This can help to make your account look as though it is a high-quality account… otherwise why would so many people follow it? In order to achieve this ratio, turn on Likes, Comments and Follows and let the bot run. Do this for days and you will see your follows in the thousands. Of these, many will have followed you back, or Liked/Commented on a number of your posts.Once you have followed at the most 2,000-3,000 accounts, stop the bot and turn on Unfollows only, then run the bot until all of the users you have just followed are now unfollowed. Keep repeating this process and watch your followers grow!
  • Stop the bot and post great content: Never post on your Instagram account while the bot is running. This could lead to a password reset from Instagram, or worse a full account suspension if it continues to occur. If you want to make a post, stop the bot, then go ahead and create your post. PeerBoost has a great mobile version of its website, so it is easy to switch between your Instagram account and the bot.PeerBoost is working on adding the ability to create posts directly within the tool, so stand-by for this valuable feature!As mentioned before, post great images and video, post often, but not too often. More than a couple times a day could be considered as spammy.
  • Respond to comments: Just because PeerBoost performs automated activities DOES NOT mean that you should not interact with you followers. In fact, the opposite is true. The more you interact with those who comment on your posts, the more authentic you will appear. This is social media after all, and as mentioned before, PeerBoost is only one of the tools in your toolbox of strategies that you should use in order to increase your followers and reach.